How to Remove Tar Stains from your Car Body

Have you ever tried – and failed – to remove the tar stain from your car bodywork? Properly know how, those irritating liquids – thick, dark and oily – are easier to remove than you think. At OneHowTo, we know some helpful hints and tips we want to share with you. So follow our advice on how to remove the tar stain from your car, and you will soon make your vehicle look as good as new.

Use raw linseed oil To

remove the tar stain from the bodywork, headlights or wheels of your car, a good method to try is to use raw linseed oil. Plus, it’s very easy!
First, wash the car with soapy water to remove dirt on the surface. Then simply moisturize the stain with a small amount of raw linseed oil, and let it work about 5 minutes. After the stain slightly softened, you can remove it with a cloth or cloth. If you do not want to budge, repeat the process again.Use extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil can also be a good solution for cleaning tar stains without damaging the paintwork. First, wash your car using a sponge and soapy water, and then rinse off with a hose or buckets of clean water.

Next, dip a cloth or a cotton swab into the oil and rub it over the stain to soften and remove it. And when you’re done, don’t forget to wash your car again with soap.

Use solvents

In addition to these homemade solutions, which usually give pretty good results, remember that in specialist car shops you can also find special products for cleaning tar stains.

If you ask in your regular auto shop, you’ll certainly be able to buy some solvent. To use these products properly, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the package or ask the shop assistant at your local retailer.